Hello! My name is Alex Cosmas

I am versatile Rails/React Fullstack Developer. I design, develop and manage products and projects.

My experience has been in Project Management and Business Design.

I got into writing code after several frustrations leading my team. We kept missing deadlines mainly due to the quality of code and structure. This often resulted into several break down and I took up the challenge to teach myself writing quality code and learning software architecture to address the challenges I faced myself.

It's now heading into 3+ years and I enjoy what I do because I get to learn and challenge myself. I also get an opportunity to assist innovators startup’s and businesses with reducing risk and guess work with their ideas, products, services through design thinking, product design, prototyping and building quality software.

My day-to-day stack includes Figma for prototyping, TailwindCSS for styling and most preferred stack for development are Ruby/Rails/Javascript-ReactJs/VueJs.

You can reach me through the contacts below. I am open to new opportunities.

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If you are interested in working with me, just drop me a short mail at:


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